To find tales, taking you where no one has gone before, we go places nobody else goes.

Here is the current slate of projects ― both created in-house and developed by partners ― which benefited from INK contribution in story structuring, financing, and sales.


Created by David Dozoretz, a veteran of George Lucas' ILM, ZAFARI tells a story of a baby elephant who was mysteriously born with the black and white stripes of a zebra.

Promoting inclusivity and friendship, the show inspires kids to celebrate the differences, as everybody is unique in some way.

ZAFARI global media distribution rights were picked by Universal.

Masha and the Bear

The 2015 Kidscreen Best Animation award winner is a classic from-zero-to-hero story.

INK has turned a show produced in Russia into a worldwide media phenomenon.

Having overcome resistance of media buyers, who initially refused to even look at the show (Russia? Bears??), we made it the bestseller of pre-school television, aired by top channels across the globe with a licensing business to match.


The series tells of the behind-the-scenes world of the Internet, populated by emoticons.

When a villain steals the "@" sign ― thus halting electronic correspondence ― the Mojicons embark on a quest to restore their system. If only they knew what their "system" was!

Many a jaw will drop on both sides of the screen, as the Internet reveals its secrets to both the Mojicons and kids watching the crazy adventures.


In urban Africa, a street kid with a talent for trouble, discovers he can manipulate his shadow to wield the awesome power of an ancient god.

ANANSI is a boisterous, adventure-of-the-week show, stuffed with larger than life characters ― human, and not so much.

But you've seen that before, right? What you haven't seen is a modern day mythology drawn from the bizarre, beautiful, and bottomless well of African folklore. Add believable and relatable heroes, and you have something very special indeed.

Mervyn's Album

Mervyn owns a very special Stamp Album, that enables him to enter the world inside stamps.

There Mervyn explores fantasy lands, meets unbelievable creatures, witnesses events of the past and future, discovers domains beyond wildest imagination, and creates new realities!

There Mervyn uncovers a conspiracy that crosses the divide between the worlds...